Why Do You Care About The Past?

My husband asks as I dig into my family history

Nanci Arvizu


Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

He says this with a hint of disgust. The past, in his case, has risen up to bite him on the ass and is affecting his present and his future. Imagine that….

As I do my research, looking at old family photos and learning their stories, when he hears me laugh, or gasp (a lot of this isn’t funny), his question is not, ‘what is it?’ It’s ‘why are you wasting your time?’

I’m tired of having to earn a degree in narcissism to handle his ‘concern.’ I think what concerns him so much is that more truth about his past is going to surface and he’s not going to be able to avoid it anymore.

Just like my family members who’ve held onto secrets, thinking if they told the lie long enough it would become the truth.


When people chose to lie instead of face the truth, be it yesterday, today, or tomorrow, they, IMO, deny the opportunity for God, the Universe, Source, your higher power, to be present in their lives and heal their wounds. The damage continues by choosing the lie.

And, I’ll point out the obvious, The Truth Always Comes To The Surface. Eventually, you know, In God’s Time?

This is why I care about the truth as I search through the past. This is why I will continue to search for the stories of my family that will make me laugh.

And gasp.

I am not afraid of the past. And if anyone around you is, you need to wonder why.

Author Nanci Arvizu writes non-fiction essays on Transgenerational Dysfunction, Surviving Narcissism, and Sexual Trauma, and mind-twisting fiction, dystopian to satire, short stories, novels, and screenplays. She is currently rewiring her brain by reading 200 Books in a Year. Visit www.nanciwrites.com.