I had no idea was I was dealing with

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I think of all the time I’ve spent being told to my face the things I saw, things I heard, even things that were done to me, did not happen.

That didn’t happen that way. That did not happen. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Stop making things up. Why are you so angry? What’s wrong with you? This is all your fault!

Yes, my head was spinning. So were my heart and my soul.

A story about Gaslighting stopped me in my tracks. The definition of what I knew…

This I Believe

We are all here for a reason

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I believe we each signed up to have certain experiences during our time here and in order for those things to happen, other things have to happen too. All the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Those experiences are what make us who we are, whenever we get to where we are going. So you could be the person the situation needed you to be, in that moment, for that person you helped, whether you knew it or not. …

Just Gross

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What is the deal with old men and porn? Is it because they have too much time on their hands now that they’re retired? Is it because they’re lonely in the miserable worlds they created and this is the only way they can find to distract themselves from the consequences of their actions?

Because they haven’t figured out how they got there? Yet?

Maybe they should take up cooking, or cleaning, or running errands? Sitting around searching for porn to share with your friends seems like a big waste of time.

Book Review

From the 200 Books in A Year Master Mind List

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The Soul’s Code by James Hillman

I am beginning to see a pattern in the books on the list curated by Susan Brearley. In Sapiens we learned things we should already know as humans. In The Soul’s Code, she sends us inward to places we really need to go.

Midway into The Soul’s Code by James Hillman

I’ve been on this mission for a long time now. It didn’t start a year ago when I lost a friend to Epilepsy. It didn’t start a year before when my four-legged soul mate, My Romeo, died suddenly.

It didn’t start when I dreamed of moving to Arizona. Or when I used to sit in the big…


You’re Not Going To Believe This

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After listening to Brené Brown talk with Elizabeth Lesser about her book “Cassandra Speaks,” I reached out to Cassandra for an in-depth interview.

It didn’t take long for her to respond to my internal calling. She is the most aware force of nature there is.

“Call it a blessing,” she snorted, “or a curse. Your call.”

I jumped straight to the point, I’m certainly not one to mince words, especially with the one who knows all.

“So what’s the story behind the story here,” she was already nodding her head in a way that said, “I’ve told this story a…


An idea we could think about

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I live in the Valley of The Sun, a massive expanse of urbanized desert, where millions of people flock for fun in a sunny environment while it’s snowing back home or if there’s a golf tournament or car show or bowl game. Then everyone heads for Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s an extraordinary feat, housing all these bodies who are here for a few days or weeks. The Phoenix Waste Management golf event, held every February, brings in nearly 750,000 people at the same time the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction brings in about half a million more.

For a couple of weeks.

10,000 Homeless

Are for Speaking Our Truth

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Our words are all we have. I don’t care how much of whatever else you might’ve ever had or now have, our words are all we have and we take the ones we have yet to speak with us when we go.

Lyrics from Eminem, Sing for the Moment:

“-I guess words are a motherfucker, they can be great
Or they can degrade, or even worse, they can teach hate.”

There’s an excellent documentary about language and how it’s used in ways to oppress people just for being born without a penis which seems to be the criteria to justify…


To all we were, are, and will be.

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The journaling exercises presented in The Garden of Neuro have me digging deep.

The exercises vary from writing a letter of thanks to your younger self, to being specific and writing a letter to yourself at a specific age.

It’s hard for me to pick one of those selves I’ve been. Understanding now how life is the sum of our choices, from where I sit, I’d have to say I’m, … struggling with a past I cannot change.

It’s also hard to think about writing a letter of thanks when I feel any message I could send should be big…

Write Speak Play

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Write My Story. Speak My Truth. Play My Game.

Listen to this speech, read by Nanci Arvizu on the Write Speak Play podcast.

This is more than a catchy phrase or slogan.

This is my passion.

This is my mission.

This is what’s in My Acorn. If you’ve read, The Soul’s Code by James Hillman you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s also a great audiobook.

This is what I am meant to do. It’s the mission in my Acorn, my purpose, the thing I am meant to do during this…

No way I’m picking just one

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This morning I received my Cooldown Video from Peloton. This forty-four-second video sums up my interactions with Peloton, from how many classes I took to all the virtual badges I earned.

I wish they were real badges. I’m a sucker for things like this — the gold star saying I completed a task and I did a great job doing it.

Maybe it’s something from my childhood lingering in my psyche, this need to perform and be rewarded for it. Maybe it’s something in my DNA chain requiring this need, like humans do, to be seen, recognized for doing things.

The Things I Do

Nanci Arvizu

Write Your Story Speak Your Truth Play Your Game. Intentionally, relentlessly, pursue your passion. www.nanciarvizu.com

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