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Author, Poet, Survivor, Healer

I had the honor of reviewing “Kaleidoscope, An Asian Journey of Colors,” by Sweta Vikram in 2011 on Page Readers, my podcast way back when.

I was thrilled when she reached out to share her latest work, Piece of Peace, an autobiographical account of one woman’s unique struggle with a near-fatal disease in a collection of essays.

We jumped into the conversation about the importance of our stories, the healing power of writing and poetry, and her work with sexual abuse and assault survivors, and the importance of the words we chose to support, uplift, and create the connections…


Poetry Prompt Saturday 28, 2021

Summer in Arizona is all about the air.

It begins the first morning there is no longer a chill in the air.

Then the sun becomes hot enough to burn the oxygen from the air creating the dryness tourists come for and locals avoid.

The transition to the second third of this baking cycle happens quickly, the sun sets in the dryness and rises in the thickest air you would never believe could exist here.

But it does.

The wind can be soft or scary as it carries the sweet scent of creosote oil to…


Feel the freedom

The view in Tucson is stunning. Really. If you’ve never been, you are missing out on one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I know the desert doesn’t appeal to everyone. Which makes sense. Snow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either. And who wants everyone here anyway? After our first spring, I realized I needed to stop telling people how beautiful it is or I’d be making up the guest room like I owned a B&B. Which I don’t.

Not that I don’t want visitors. I do — kind of. It depends on the visitor.

Believe it or…

Laser Away botoxes their beliefs

The Saga Continues. Laser Away and their money hitmen at Vive Financial aren’t backing down trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. Or money from a woman for services they did not provide, and she did not receive.

Their claim is even though I did not receive services, I ‘tapped’ my way into a $5,000 LINE OF DEBT. Charges were put onto my account before I received any services and even before I even agreed to what the services would be.

I also apparently ‘tapped’ on my medical records that I was pregnant. …


A story about connections

This is not a book review.

This story is about how people from different parts of the world can receive the same thought that puts them on a journey where their paths cross. And as they get to know one another they discover how similar their lives have been all along, and now they are so in tune with each other they are thinking many of the same thoughts. Like they are of one mind.

Seeing the world through someone else’s window is a gift. It’s a gift I have been blessed with over the past year — yes, during…

Things will never be the same

On Tuesday we will put the last of our horses down. Our two old guys, the ones I’ve been providing nearly hospice level care to for about 4 years. Almost every day, save for the few times I’ve been able to get away for a night or two, they have been my number one priority.

These horses have been a part of my life, my family, for 21 years.

This means, after Tuesday morning, my life is going to change dramatically.

There won’t be the need to get out of bed at 4 am…


Not gonna be pretty in Tent City

Yep. Nothing like being homeless. Ask any homeless person.

What? You don’t talk to homeless people? Why not?

Because it’s too difficult a thing for you? All the fun they’re having living in tents in a parking lot in downtown Phoenix, Arizona in the summer is too much love and wonderfulness for you?

Me either. But if Laser Away doesn’t stop charging me for services I never received, I could end up there in all that glamourous fun.

I just wanted to feel better.

My best friend died. The business we had just launched was working. It wasn’t a big…

Sunday Poetry Prompt in the Garden of Neuro

A summer like Sunday Mornings
I spent in his arms
Comfortable, at ease
No pressure to move on

Lazy days of fun and laughter
It was so easy to love him
Like a slow-moving river
and I could not wait to swim

Sun kisses on the skin
my freckles were named
But the summer has a way of ending
and so did the flame

Between us, love faded
and we went our separate ways
over the years and months and weeks, you forget
But then there are the days

A song, a scent, to bring a smile to my face

An Experience, with Bingz Huang and her words

We gathered to honor and celebrate the work of Bingz Huang in her new book, The Womb of Gentleness, in the Garden of Neuro, led by Lisa Tomey at Prolific Pulse, who inspires us to write poetry daily.

The book is available on Amazon, in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats. I found the way the artwork ‘moves’ in my e-reader to be interesting, especially because Bingz is an ambassador of movement too. I’m mesmerized by the movement of body and silk in her Instagram videos. …

Nanci Arvizu

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